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Since developing the first commercial potato peeler in 1954, Vanmark has been the globally recognized leader in the manufacture of industrial food processing solutions for a wide range of produce products.

Vanmark's leading machinery includes continuous peelers, polishers, scrubbers and washers for potatoes and other root crops, fruits, nuts and vegetables. Vanmark also manufactures food product material handling, storage and feeding equipment in a large variety of sizes.

Vanmark focuses on equipment that ranges from the product receiving area to the major processing areas including conveying, fluming, cleaning, destoning, bulk in-process storage and product metering and hydrocutting.

Vanmark’s latest technological development is LAMINA® HydroFlow Cutting System Powered by CFD Technology. It is the first Hydrocutting System designed for Laminar flow. Carrying the potatoes gently results in less breakage and less off cuts of the potatoes resulting in greater yields and reduce power consumption.

A business of the Grote Company, Vanmark has facilities based in Creston, Iowa and Boise Idaho.

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300 Industrial Parkway
Creston, IA 50801
United States
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