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FastBack® 260E G3
The new FastBack P2 400E horizontal motion conveyor is the sanitary solution for high-volume transfer and distribution.
tna roflo® VMBS 3
roflo® VMBS 3
The tna roflo® VMBS 3 is a compact vibratory motion blending system that accurately measures individual ingredients to ensure every recipe is a success.
tna roflo® VMCS 3
roflo® VMCS 3
A motion chip sizer with a difference – the tna roflo® VMCS 3 uses vibratory motion, alongside a unique chip-sizing pan to separate potato and other root vegetable, as well as fruit chips, into a variety of sizes.
tna roflo® VM 3
roflo® VM 3
The tna roflo® VM 3 is a high-performance food conveyor system that uses horizontal vibratory motion to evenly distribute products, while offering an efficient method for in-line storage. Its versatile design features a variety of pan options to suit every production need.
tna hydro-clear® OWB 3
hydro-clear® OWB 3
Florigo hydro-clear® OWB 3 is a solution for stripping water from both the top and bottom of potato slices before frying.
tna roflo® HM 3
roflo® HM 3
The tna roflo® HM 3 is a high-performance food conveyor system that handles products gently, yet efficiently, using a slow, forward horizontal motion, followed by a fast return horizontal motion.
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H-Flow Conveyor ®
H-Flow Conveyor®
The H-Flow Conveyor® guarantees less product breakage and loss of coating and flavouring, compared to vibratory transfer systems.
Heat and Control - Fastlane
Heat and Control Fastlane infeed conveyors offer Easy, safe and cost-effective delivery of a singulated stream of potatoes to multiple slicers.
Ultra Conveyor
The PPM Technologies Ultra conveyor was designed to accommodate a wide range of products and applications, including heavy, hard-to-move products such as meat, poultry, fruits or vegetables.
Mini VF Electromagnetic Vibratory Motion Conveyor
The PPM Technologies Mini VF is a small yet powerful electromagnetic vibratory motion conveyor that boasts a variety of versatile mounting options, adjustable feed rates, an open and sanitary design, low maintenance costs, and a long and dependable life cycle.


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