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Rosenqvists Slice Washer System

Rosenqvists Slice Washer System, a patented three-step washing system for optimal water use. When the potatoes are sliced, free surface starch is released and needs to be washed off. Using three washing steps reduces the water usage to a minimum.

If it is not removed from the slices, starch will be carried forward into the frying stage of the process. There it can cause build-ups and potentially block or damage oil outlets, piping, or other components. Rosenqvists 3-step counter flow Slice Washer System consists of four main parts:

• The slicers (not included) are integrated into the unit
• One rotating tube per slicer
• Vibratory feeding conveyor
• Debris, foam, and starch removal arrangement

The unique Slice Washer System washes every individual slice gently and controlled. The rotating tube is placed beneath the slicer discharge. The slices are gently washed twice inside the rotating tube.

When they move forward into the vibratory shaker, the slices pass a sorting net. The gauge of the net can easily be changed to the size of the waste that has to be removed.

Freshwater enters the system via a discharge spray ramp. The water passes a bow sieve before it enters the second half of the tube. After this second washing step, the water passes a second bow sieve before being pumped to the slicer.

The water then washes the slices a third time before passing a third bow sieve. A special cyclone system will further concentrate the amount of free starch in the wastewater.

The Slice Washer System uses a minimum amount of freshwater to effectively remove starch from each slice. We can claim that is as good as, or better, than any other washing system. Their new design ensures a very high level of hygiene and it is very easy to clean.
SW03115240600Min. 37401200 kg/h2,85 kW1
SW05115240800Min. 37402000 kg/h2,85 kW1
SW0732R52401000Min. 37403000 kg/h8,90 kW2
SW1032R52401200Min. 37404000 kg/h8,90 kW2
SW1533R52401200Min. 37406000 kg/h9,45 kW2
SW2033R52401200Min. 37408000 kg/h9,45 kW3
SW2034R52401400Min. 37408000 kg/h9,45 kW4
SW3034R52401800Min. 374010000 kg/h9,45 kW4