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    Lays is one of the many Frito-Lay brands.

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    Four fan-favorite flavors return to store shelves as part of the new Lay's Flavor That Hits Home™ lineup
    Marzo 31, 2024

    Lays Invites Fans on a Journey with locally Inspired Potato Chip Flavours

    This spring, America's favorite potato chip brand is taking fans on a journey back to their hometowns with the launch of its newest campaign: Lay's® Flavor That Hits Home™.
    Lays New Sweet & Spicy Honey Flavored Potato Chips
    Febrero 21, 2024

    LAY'S® Says Hello to Swicy™ with New Sweet & Spicy Honey Flavored Potato Chips and Beloved Reality TV Duo Cameron & Lauren Hamilton

    Lay's® debuts of its latest flavor innovation: Lay's® Sweet & Spicy Honey flavored chips.
    The JOMO is Real: Frito-Lay Predicts Couches and Comfort as the MVPs of Game Day
    Febrero 10, 2024

    Frito-Lay announces the annual Super Bowl Snack index: how you will snack on game day - on your couch

    The first-ever Super Bowl in Las Vegas will be among the year's most exciting cultural moments – but for a staggering 81% of Americans, watching it all from the couch is much better.
    PepsiCo products are being pulled from some grocery stores in Europe over price hikes
    Enero 23, 2024

    Supermarket chain Carrefour pulls Lays Chips off the shelves in France over price hikes

    Global supermarket chain Carrefour will stop selling PepsiCo products in it stores in France, Belgium, Spain and Italy