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ADI Systems Inc


Solapas principales

ADI Systems offers a wide range of environmental services and technologies to customers from laboratory studies to full-scale treatment and anaerobic digestion systems.

Waste treatment is the company's primary focus, with emphasis on high-BOD industrial wastewaters, but also includes biogas cleaning and utilization, waste to energy, and water reuse technologies. In addition to generic technology,

ADI Systems offers proprietary technologies in both anaerobic and aerobic biological wastewater treatment applications. At the company's research and development centre, research is done on an ongoing basis with the aim of improving existing technologies and developing new ones.

ADI Systems Inc. has built industrial waste water treatment systems for several potato processing plants.

In 2017, ADI Group sold ADI Systems as well as two other of its subsidiaries - Geomembrane Technologies (GTI) and Lange Containment Systems - to Evoqua Water Technologies.
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