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Agritask, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, has developed a flexible and integrative data-driven software platform for agronomic management.

With “One Platform, One Database” approach, it provides a holistic solution to support real time decision-making. The platform can integrate with over 40 hardware and software data sources, including John Deere, Airbus, IBM and SAP.

Furthermore, Agritask supports the entire agricultural production process, ranging from soil fertility management, growth monitoring, to harvest logistics. With flexible system architecture, it can adapt to each client’s workflow and chosen technologies, hence offering a seamless adoption experience and tangible benefits from day one. As a result of using Agritask, clients see sustainable yield increase and cost savings.

Agritask, which was founded in 2010, is currently active in 20 countries worldwide and covers more than 50 crop types. The client base includes farmers alongside food and beverage companies, agricultural insurers, input providers and governments or developmental organizations.

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Introduction Agritask (2013)

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