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Bickels Snack Foods Inc

Solapas principales

Bickel's Potato Chip Company was started in 1954 by Mr. Luther Bickel in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It was a regional family run business offering a unique "seared"potato chip in a variety of flavors.

In 1998 Bickel's was purchased by Hanover Foods Corporation.

To further strengthen its position in the salted snack category, in 2000 Hanover Foods purchased York Snacks and the Bon Ton Potato Chip facility in York, Pennsylvania. The companies were consolidated as "Bickel's Snack Foods, Inc."

In December 2008, Bickel's Snack Foods Inc acquired Troyer Farms

Noticias de esta Compañia

 Troyer Farms Snack Foods
Enero 07, 2011

Troyer Farms to stop making potato chips in Waterford;77 jobs lost

York-based Bickel's Snack Foods Inc. made no ironclad promises to Mark Troyer when Troyer agreed to sell Troyer Potato Products Inc. in December 2008.
 Troyer Farms
Diciembre 16, 2008

Bickel's Snack Foods Inc will become new owner of Troyer Farms

Troyer Potato Products Inc., which bills itself as the nation’s only grower-owned chip maker, has agreed to sell itself to York-based Bickel’s Snack Foods Inc.