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Bombay Sweets & Co., Ltd.

Bombay Sweets & Co., Ltd. (BSCL) is a name associated with consumers for snack food for more than 5 decades in Bangladesh and abroad.

The company made its modest start in the beginning of way back in 1948.

Brand names used for its savory snack products include Alooz (crinkle cut potato chips), Alooz waves (Potato chips with real deep waves), Korntos, Potato Crackers, Mr. Twist, Bombay sticks, Ring chips, Chily chips (curls, sticks), Nachoz, Chipstar Onion Rings, Chipstar Cheese balls, Chipstar Potato Sticks, Pasta Chips (tubes, square tubes, shells and rings) and pop-t-corn (popcorn shaped chips).

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Bombay Sweets & Co., Ltd.
  • Delta Life Tower(8th Floor), 37 Gulshan North C/A,Road No#90, Gulshan -2
    Dhaka - 1213