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Cullen Allen Ltd

Cullen Allen Limited is one of the longest established potato businesses in the United Kingdom. The Company's trading history can be traced back to 1870.

Cullen Allen is specialised in production and marketing of seed potatoes from Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Cullen Allen supplies generation-controlled seed potatoes produced from disease-tested mini tubers grown by selected farmers.

The company produces and markets seed of free varieties and varieties from its own breeding program.

Cullen Allen works closely with ware potato suppliers to market new potatoes from Cyprus and Spain.

The company offers the highest quality to its customers with full traceability.

Cullen Allen Limited offers seed and table potatoes, export and import services, breeding expertise, variety trials, new variety marketing and mini tubers.
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Cullen Allen Ltd
  • 8 Wandsworth Drive
    BT4 2BJ
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