Variety Name: SorayaRights Holder | Breeder: NORIKACountry of Origin: Germany GermanyYear of of introduction: 2008
Soraya is a low input variety with a broad diseases resistance profile, making it ideal for organic production. It is a variety suited for different climatic areas and performs well throughout these regions. It produces high yields of attractive, oval shapped tubers with shallow eyes.
  • Utilization: Fresh and Organic Markets
  • Maturity: Maincrop (95-100 DAP)
  • Yield: High to very high
  • Skin Color: Light yellow, smooth
  • Flesh Color: Very light yellow
  • Tuber Shape: Oval to Long oval
  • Tuber Size: medium to Large
  • Tuber Set: 11-13
  • Dry Matter: 18.0-19.0 %
  • Dormancy: Medium to long Storage: medium to Long
Variety Strengths:
  • Moderate to high tolerance to Heat and Drought
  • High resistance to Fusarium dry rot
  • High resistance to Common scab
  • Low incidence of Secondary growth, Growth cracks and Hollow heart
  • Moderate to high tolerance to Mechanical handling and bruising
  • Moderate to high resistance to Silver scurf and Black dot
  • Resistant to PLRV, PVY, PVX viruses
  • Low susceptibility to Blackleg (pectobacterium)
  • Requires good consitent soil moisture management

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