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Dutch Tec Source BV (DTS)

DutchTecSource BV (DTS) has over 30 years experience in the designing and manufacturing of machines and complete systems for the food processing industry.

Dutch Tec Source has focused initially on applications in the potato- and vegetable processing, mushroom processing and in particular the very special screw (auger) conveyor systems required in these industries. The result of this focus is that DTS can state categorically that it is the market leader in fields such as blanching, cooling and cooking processes for various industries, the potato processing industry in particular.

However, the number of products they have worked with has increased over the years and a 2020 brand update highlights this expansion, focusing a wider range of products, with a refreshed logo and a new tag line 'Auger and Thermal Processing Solutions'.

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DutchTecSource Corporate presentation of its capabilities to build high-precision Auger and Thermal Processing Equipment

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Dutch Tec Source BV (DTS)
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