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The Elisam Company was founded with the target of creating a solid alternative in the world of fruit and vegetable grading & packing systems. In an environment where the standards of work are becoming more stringent and of high level, thanks to high technology and great attention to detail, Elisam aims to make a difference by proposing new standards and new solutions.

Elisam provides a wide range of complete solutions that include types of machinery such as multi-head weighers, bin tippers, washing and waxing machines, drying tunnels, packing tables, palletizers, and grading machines. Every tailor-made solution is designed to meet your requirements while maintaining their high standards of quality.

Their product   Elisam GranTorino machine has resulted in a leading solution for the potato industry. The unique mechanical design delivers gentle handling of any type of potato. The GranTorino is equipped with the latest Ellips grading technology.

They use HD+ multispectral cameras (3.2 megapixels) to take 20 different images per potato. This results in near-perfect size (submillimeter) and color separation and highly accurate sorting on defects for red, white, and yellow potatoes.

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