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Founded with Ellips in Italy in 2010, Elisam now operates in more than 25 countries helping growers to transform their success. 

Their advanced optical grading machines can be installed in packhouses of every size and shape, seamlessly integrating into your facility. Every solution is carefully designed and customized to meet your requirements with efficiency and accuracy. 

Elisam sorting machinery is specially designed to run Ellips TrueSort™. For example, Elisam’s unique rotating cups/carriers allow the cameras to quickly create a full surface image using Ellips advanced software. By combing these technologies, you can detect every defect on every piece of fruit or vegetable at the highest speed. All with maximum control and flexibility.

Their engineers are relentless in their pursuit of creating the fastest, most reliable and accurate grading machines. This ensures the highest throughput, maximum uptime and consistent quality for our customers. Your operation will always keep running at a fast pact for years to come.


Their product, the Elisam GranTorino machine, has resulted in a leading solution for the potato industry. The unique mechanical design delivers gentle handling of any type of potato. The GranTorino is equipped with the latest Ellips grading technology.

They use HD+ multispectral cameras (3.2 megapixels) to take 20 different images per potato. This results in near-perfect size (submillimeter) and color separation and highly accurate sorting on defects for red, white, and yellow potatoes.

This is why the Elisam GranTorino – Potato Grader is something special:

1. Fastest and most accurate machine in the industry 
You want the best of both worlds. Speed in order to deliver maximum capacity and accurate defect detection to maintain consistent quality.

2. Best product handling and full surface inspection
With the unique rotating carrier you get a 360° view of each potato, allowing you to analyze the entire surface. Fewer potatoes are incorrectly rejected and you will achieve maximum return on your harvest while delivering exactly what your customer desires.

3. Robust and reliable machinery 
The Elisam GranTorino is the most robust and reliable grading and sorting machine in the industry which ensures maximum uptime, allowing your operation to keep running at a fast pace.

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