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Intersnack Czech Republic is the Czech subsidiary of the Intersnack Group, a major manufacturer of potato chips and Snacks in Europe, with headquarters in Germany.

Intersnack has been in the Czech market since 1993, leading the successful production of traditional Czech chips under the Bohemia brand in Choustník. The company's financial prosperity, combined with customer demand in salty snacking products, resulted in not only a massive expansion and upgrading of the local plant grounds between 1993 and 1999, but also a significant rise in production capacity.

In 1993, the German brand Chio joined the Czech market, broadening the portfolio of the Czech representative office with more products. 

The plant in Choustník produces popular brands such as Bohemia, Chio, and Pom-Bär, while the factory in Hradec Králové produces savory pastry items for more than 30 years. Hradecky sticks, Peanut crisps, and other items are made there using traditional baking processes, manual manufacturing, and modern technologies, and their high quality and exquisite taste have long piqued the curiosity of Czech consumers.

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