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Intersnack Hungary is the Hungarian subsidiary of the Intersnack Group, a major manufacturer of potato chips and Snacks in Europe, with headquarters in Germany.

The Hungarian subsidiary's history began in 1991, when Chio created its first office and warehouse in Budapest on its own, establishing Wolf Hungária Kft.  At the time, both companies imported their products from Germany, and with the development of the dealer network, distribution quickly spread across the country.

Chio Hungary and Wolf Hungária amalgamated in 1998, and the company has since operated under one administration as an Intersnack subsidiary.

On November 1, 2012, the company changed its name to Intersnack Magyarország Kft. This company provides a wide choice of high-quality salty crackers.With their Chio and Pom-Bär brands, they offer a diverse selection of salty crisps.

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