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Martin Lishman Ltd.

Martin Lishman-Potato Temperature Spikes

Potato Temperature Spikes

Martin Lishman-Potato Temperature Spikes is used for quick and accurate temperature measurement in individual tubers.

Martin Lishman Ltd manufactures and distributes specialist agricultural equipment, with an emphasis on crop storage and quality monitoring, potato and fruit quality control and compact sprayers.

It is a family-run company established by the late Martin Lishman in 1975, the business is now managed by Gavin and Carol Lishman. They are located in the town of Bourne, in the main arable area of the United Kingdom. Their products are sold throughout the UK and exported all over the World.

Martin Lishman has pioneered several types of farm equipment such as Pile-Dry Pedestals and Fans, for cooling and drying stored crops. They have become one of the most important organisation providing methods for UK farms and is used worldwide.
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Martin Lishman Ltd.
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