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Soiltech Wireless Inc.

Agrico, Leo de Kock and Nedato join forces for ware potatoes.

Solapas principales

Soiltech provides wireless devices to measure soil moisture, temperature, humidity, location, and bruising.

Soiltech's sensors are currently used throughout the United States and Canada. 

Noticias de esta Compañia

Soiltech Wireless Completes USD 2.5M Funding Round to Increase Product Velocity and Advance Stability
Julio 23, 2022

Soiltech Wireless - provider of an affordable soil moisture sensor - completes USD 2.5M Funding Round

Soiltech Wireless, a leader in remote crop monitoring and traceability from farm to transport and storage, has completed its seed funding round of USD 2.5 million. Homegrown Capital was the leader in this round along with Great North Ventures
Sensor can help save 500 million gallons of water and 250,000 gallons of gasoline across 10,000 acres of farmland
Diciembre 30, 2020

Soiltech has expanded the functionality of its soil moisture sensor with temperature, humidity, location and impacts

Enabled by AT&T’s nationwide, highly secure LTE-M cellular network, the Soiltech Sensor precisely records and transmits data for soil moisture, temperature, humidity, location and impacts that may create bruising while crops are being grown, transported, and stored.