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Xisen Potato Industry Group Co. Ltd.

Xisen Potato Industry Group Co. Ltd. is one of the largest producers of micro and mini potato tubers in China.

Xisen Group has 4 subsidiaries, including Beijing Xisen Sanhe Potato Co., Ltd., Inner Monglia Xisen Seed Potato Co., Ltd., Laolin Xisen Potato Market Co., Ltd. and Laolin Sisen Potato Breeding Company. The Group planned to attract a total investment of 3.25bn RMB. In 2008, it introduced 175m RMB from Hong Kong Mantu Investment Group, and 115m RMB from Beijing Huiyuan Beverage Food Group. Up till now, it has altogether attracted 1.8bn RMB.

The Xisen Group also manufactures potato flakes.

This list typically contains only production facilities related to the potato Industry, e.g. Potato Processing facilities

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Xisen Potato Industry Group Co. Ltd.
  • Xujia Village , Huangjia Town
    Huaiyin Qu
    Jinan Shi
    Shandong Sheng,