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Zhangjiakou Qizhi Seed Potato IndustryCo., Ltd

Zhangjiakou Qizhi Seed Potato Industry Co., Ltd. has a 660-m2 center for virus-free seed multiplication, a 120-m2 room for seed inspection and detection, 5,000 m2 of greenhouse for breeding, 120,000 m2 of net house for minituber production, 3,800 m2 of storage facilities, and a 800-ha base for basic seed Potential Opportunities for Potato Industry’s Development in China Based on Selected Companies 20 production.

It can produce 15m plantlets, 45m minitubers, and 15,000 t of basic seeds annually. It also selects new varieties with good shape, yield and quality such as ‘Qizhi 1' and 'Qinzhi 2’.

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