Variety Name: CarlingfordRights Holder | Breeder: NORTHERN IRELAND PLANT BREEDING STATIONCountry of Origin: United Kingdom Reino UnidoYear of of introduction: 1982
A variety of potato that is excellent as a new potato but is also grown and marketed as a maincrop potato. It is round to oval in shape and has white skin with shallow eyes.

The Carlingford potato has dense white, mildly flavored flesh that is slightly waxy when cooked. It is best when steamed, microwaved, or baked.

Botanical Features
  • Plants: short, compact, bushy; stems medium thick, numerous, mainly unbranched, weakly pigmented; wings waved, single; nodes not swollen and not pigmented; internodes faintly pigmented in axils.
  • Leaves: dark green, glossy, moderately open, small.
  • Terminal leaflets: narrowly ovate; wavy margins; apex acuminate; base slightly cordate.
  • Primary leaflets: three to four pairs; narrowly ovate; apex acuminate; cordate base, very asymmetrical.
  • Flowers: few white flowers on a short peduncle; lemon-yellow anthers; buds strongly pigmented, especially at base; peduncle and pedicel pigmented; few berry production.
  • Tubers: round to oval; smooth white skin; moderately shallow eyes; white flesh.
  • Sprouts: ovoid, pubescent; red-violet.

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