Variety Name: EvolutionRights Holder | Breeder: AGRICO RESEARCH BVCountry of Origin: Netherlands Países BajosYear of of introduction: 2012
The Evolution variety was developed as an alternative to Red Scarlett. It is mainly intended for sale in Eastern Europe. There is also a market in North Africa for early red-skinned varieties.

There is a preference in these countries for red-skinned potatoes that are easy to grow and give a reliable yield under the prevailing weather conditions.

The deep red color is also an extra plus, and this variety is very suitable for early sales.

Evolution was bred and developed by Agrico Research, and its name refers to the whole breeding process.

After all, as a potato grower you continue to enhance the lines you have already developed.

An additional positive element for seed potato growers is that Evolution has good resistance to scab.

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