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Scott Automation End-of-line Palletising Systems
End-of-line Palletising Systems are designed for manufacturing sites with high production volumes where a dedicated palletiser for each line is the optimal solution.
Scott Automation Multi-line Palletising Systems
Scott Automation's multi-line palletising solutions are based on the centralisation and optimisation of palletising equipment. They can be installed on a limited surface area
Scott Automation Pal 4.0 Palletiser
Pal 4.0 is the latest addition to Scotts' range of palletisers. It was developed in conjunction with key partners and is equipped with the latest technology and components.
Scott Automation Pallet Conveyors
Scott's modular system of roller and chain conveyors is used for the horizontal transport of both empty and full pallets with loads up to 1,500 kg, together with additional units for changing direction and longer distance conveying.


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