Proveedores de Fertilizante en Argentina


Amauta is a fertilizer company located in Argentina. The company offers a range of fertilizers, including micronutrients, water-soluble fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, and granule fertilizers. They offer several products specific to potato tuber production that maintain optimal growth and development of the foliage and tubers of potatoes.


Brometan Argentine company dedicated to the marketing of agricultural inputs in Argentina and Uruguay. The company committed to providing agronomic solutions to labor-intensive crops, especially fruits and vegetables.


Established in the Argentine Republic , Cosmoflor imports and distributes special fertilizers and specific products for critical crop situations, throughout the country.

Maxima Bio

Maxima Bio is a company with experience in the development and marketing of products for crop production. The company specializes in technologies for the application of phytosanitary products, foliar fertilization, crop biostimulation, and biological control.

Stoller Argentina S.A

Stoller's office located in Argentina
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