Cadena de Suministro de Papas en Chipre

Cyprus Potato Marketing Board

The Cyprus Potato Marketing Board (CPMB) is a semi-public organisation and was established by Law in 1964. The main purpose of the Cyprus Potato Marketing Board is to develop the Cyprus potato industry.

J&P Fresca (Cyprus) Produce Ltd

J&P Fresca (Cyprus) Produce Ltd is producing, packing, storing and exporting Cyprus potatoes.

Quadra Machinery - Cyprus

Quadra Machinery Company operates in the agricultural sector, offering a diverse range of products. Their portfolio includes machinery designed for various farming needs, fertilizers for crop enhancement, packaging solutions, and greenhouse equipment. 

Roha Premium Potato Ltd

Roha Premium Potato Ltd from Cyprus main activity is production, sorting, packing, storing and exporting of Potatoes.


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