Fabricantes de Máquinas de Sellado y Llenado vertical (VFFS) en Los Países Bajos

GEA Food Solutions

GEA Food Solutions (formerly known as "GEA Convenience Food Technologies" and "Convenience Food Systems (CFS)") is a manufacturer of equipment for Food Processing and Packaging.

GKS packaging

GKS packaging solves your real-world challenges in the easiest way: by delivering ultra-reliable, cost-effective, modular packaging machines, made to meet your requirements.

JASA Packaging Systems BV

JASA Packaging Systems is a manufacturer of packaging machines and specialist in weighing technology. The company offers a range of products tailored to the potato and produce industry.

Jongerius Hanco

Based in the Netherlands, Jongerius Hanco is the leading supplier of multi-packaging systems in the packaging industry worldwide.

Manter International BV

Manter International BV is a manufacturer of weighing and packing equipment for the fruit and vegetable industry.

Prins Verpakkingstechniek BV

Prins Verpakkingstechniek is based in The Netherlands with a second manufacturing plant in Germany named Innotech. Prins Verpakkingstechniek is a worldwide supplier of weighing and packaging equipment for the food and non-food industry and specialized in potatoes and French fries.


Synergy Systems offers tailor-made solutions for food processing and packaging, mainly focused on fresh cut and convenience.

VDL Packaging B.V.

From fresh to frozen, pet food to coffee, and snacks and cereals; at VDL Packaging they manufacture the original UVA Vertical Form Fill and Seal machines.


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