Fabricantes de Máquinas de Sellado y Llenado vertical (VFFS) en España

Bialca Solutions

Bialca Solutions, SL, is a Spanish company located in Barcelona, formed by a staff with extensive experience in the food processing sector (fresh, frozen, ready meals, etc.). They offer products of companies such as Newtec, Jasa

Coalza Systems

Coalza was founded in the early sixties with the challenge of modernizing Spain's agri-food industry. Coalza designs and manufactures high performance packaging machinery for the food industry, among others.

Daumar S.L. - Packaging Solutions

Daumar is a family business with more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing bagging machinery and their corresponding consumables such as printed films, knitted netting, extruded netting and labels.


More than 25 years’ dedicated in packaging industry, INFIPACK is now a leading company of Packaging Machines and packing materials.

Irta Group

Irta Group specializes in manufacturing Vertical form fill sealing machine (VFFS). Their engineering department develops robust, reliable and versatile machinery for packaging food and other products.


At Mespack, they are strongly committed to developing innovative equipment for sustainable packaging solutions in order to preserve the environment and assist their customers in the pursuit of their goals.
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Onpack is a Spain based company which has 25 years experience in automation of packing lines.


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