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SFW - Food Pump

SFW Food Pump

The Pomac CP-AGF program comprises a range of stainless steel pumps, suited for pumping potatoes, vegetables and fruits, without damaging them.

The pumps can be supplied with a single channel or a dual channel impeller. The impeller hub is mounted directly to the motor shaft, which results in a minimal overhang and a short build.

The impeller can easily be removed without dismantling the pump casing. The pump casing is fitted with inspection covers, allowing inspection of the pump interior without the pump needing to be removed and dismantled.

  • Stainless steel motor shroud supplied as standard
  • Standard IEC foot/flange motor
  • Close-coupled set-up on stainless steel base
  • Internal mechanical seal (SiC/SiC EPDM), fitted with oil bath quench
  • Impeller hub mounted directly to the motor shaft
  • Pump casing position can rotate 45 degrees or according to client specs
  • Pump casing fitted with inspection covers
  • Pump casing fitted with drain

The pumps are available in 4 build sizes:
  • 500 (NW 100)
  • 750 (NW 150)
  • 1000 (NW 200)
  • 1250 ( NW 250)
Max. solids passage [mm]:
  • 500: 100
  • 750: 150
  • 1000: 200
  • 1250: 250