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AgraWest Foods


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Agrawest is a manufacturer of Potato Granules located in Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada.

Since 2000, Agrawest Foods is a subsidiary of Idaho Pacific Corporation.

AgraWest Foods located in Souris, Prince Edward Island Canada began operations in 1997 and became the first and only potato dehydration operation on PEI.

In 2000 Idaho Pacific purchased Agrawest and since then has invested in the operation to expand its product offerings to serve the needs of its ingredient and foodservice customers.

AgraWest Foods produces dehydrated potato Granules, Flour, Agglomerates and mixes.

They offer many different ingredient specifications for multiple end-product applications. From full cook to low leach, low peel, their diverse production capabilities give them the ability to manufacture and supply the right product.

Their foodservice product include complete mashed potato mixes either blended or agglomerated.

Prince Edward Island grows over 86,000 acres of potatoes each year and is the #1 potato producing province in Canada. The iron rich soil and ideal growing conditions consistently produce high quality potatoes which are famous worldwide.
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Potato Granules manufacturer Agrawest to expand PEI factory with new agglomerate line
augustus 31, 2011

Potato Granules manufacturer Agrawest to expand PEI factory with new agglomerate line

One of Prince Edward Island’s leading food processors will be able to enter new markets and create jobs with a new production line, says Minister of Innovation and Advanced Learning, Allan Campbell. “Agrawest has provided potato producers with an impo...
AgraWest now a Major Supplier to KFC
juli 07, 2008

AgraWest now a Major Supplier to KFC

In the USA, KFC serves steaming hot mashed potato with their finger-lickin' good chicken. If you eat at KFC restaurants on the eastern seaboard of the USA, the mashed potato you are served originates in Prince Edward Island and is made by AgraWest Food.