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Alvand Starch Industries

Native Potato Starch

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Alvand Starch Industries is the owner of the first and the only manufacturing plant of potato starch in Iran and Middle East established in 2001, using the latest technology supplied by LARSSON Sweden.

Their main goals are developing agricultural industry of IRAN, boost production while developing a steady business cycle and to create jobs for sustainable employment.

Their products contain of native and ultra-refined potato starch, various types of food grade modified starch, anionic and cationic modified starch used in papermaking & corrugated board manufacturing, paint manufacturing, textile Industries; pregelatinized starch used in adjusting the viscosity of drilling fluid in oil exploration, produced based on national and international standards and according to the customer needs and requirements.

They are developing new manufacturing lines due to their long-term goals and objectives and to develop product portfolio including manufacturing lines of wheat starch, glucose, gluten, animal food and various modified starch using latest technology of GEA, BUHLER and DSSE from Germany, Switzerland and Denmark.