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Automha Americas Automation Corp

Automha Pallet Runner- Semi-Automated

Pallet Runner- Semi-Automated

By combining Semi-Automated Pallet Runner Carts with either conventional Forklifts or AGV’s, maximize density in your freezer beyond what is possible with Drive-In or Push Back Systems. Reduce your rack, product, and truck damage and increase your productivity with proven technology.

Automha is an Automation Systems Solutions company based out of Italy.

Our mission is to design and produce solutions, systems, and equipment for the storage and retrieval of clients' products from small containers to pallet loads of goods, from ambient to freezer environments.

Offering both Semi-Automated and Fully Automated Systems we can cover both high density, cost-effective storage solutions in conjunction with forklifts or AGV’s, or a Fully Automated Solution controlled by software offering inventory accuracies and system accountability.

Our North American division is known as Automha Americas Automation Company.

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