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Beyondte Technology Co., Limited

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Beyondte is the inventor, developer and manufacturer of the world’s first successful fully automatic French Fries Vending Machine.

Many companies and institutions have tried to develop such machine and all have failed. Their machine fries the potato chips in oil, just as you do at home, making them crispy frens and taste as you want French fries to taste.

Their objectives are the golden five:
  • Use real French fries
  • Short preparation time
  • No smell
  • No noise
  • Able to prepare many portions without any human intervention

Seven patents have been granted for the necessary inventions that make this fryer a success. Over a period of five years, a team of qualified engineers worked with dedication and determination to realize the envisioned result.

Thanks to these investments and smart high quality production, they are able to offer this machine for an extremely attractive price, giving their clients the opportunity to earn back their initial investment in less than six months on any average vending location.

Over the last year, Beyondte has sold these vending machines worldwide and has recently opened a European branch office in the Netherlands and is able to provide European warranty and the best possible service to European customers.

Their French fries vending machine is fully designed to give huge return on investment, while at the same time cranking up customer service. They invite you to work together with them and get the best deal for your situation.
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