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DFM Foods Ltd

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DFM Foods ltd is a pioneer in the Indian snack foods market. The company introduced CRAX Corn Rings in 1984.

Corn Rings and Wheat Puffs are marketed under the CRAX and NATKHAT brand names respectively. Both these have become extremely popular snacks, especially among children.

In the namkeens segment, DFM Foods offers13 distinct product variants that include Bhujiyas, Daals, Mixtures and Nut-Mixes. These are sold in several pack sizes to cater to both casual/impulse consumption as well as consumption at home.

DFM Foods has two processing facilities, one in Ghaziabad, and the other in the Greater NOIDA region, both in close proximity to the Company's Corporate office in Delhi.

With the installation of a new extrusion line in its Greater Noida processing facility in early 2017, the production capacity of DFM Foods exceeded 35000 tonnes of snacks per year. The company reportedly had a 4% share of the Indian Savory snack market in 2016.