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Hydro Spa

Agrico, Leo de Kock and Nedato join forces for ware potatoes.

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Hydro SpA company is specialized in the production of technical products, protein hydrolysates, biostimulants and fertilizers for modern agriculture, both conventional and organic, in liquid and solid form. They transform animal by-products from the tanning industry through high-tech, professional and innovative industrial processes with an internal analysis laboratory.

All their fertilizers and biostimulants come from protein hydrolysate formulations with various contents of nitrogen,potassium, phosphorus microelements and free amino acids. They have around fifty products with our own brand (for example Protamix, Nifert etc) and many are certified for organic farming.

They also prepare customized formulations on request with a third party label and customer brand, also for distribution chains and online markets.
Subsidiaries and Factory Location
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