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Insort GmbH

Insort GmbH is a highly specialized company in the optical sorting and monitoring of food. Their latest innovation, Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®), offers food processing quality assurance and process control of a previously unprecedented standard.

Full spectral analysis makes the invisible visible – in real time. Chemical Imaging technology (CIT®) is used in the Sherlock machine series developed by Insort.


Insort's customers range from small private owned business to large global corporations. The construction and manufacture of the machines takes place almost exclusively in Austria, the expansion worldwide. In addition to the headquarters in Berndorf, Insort GmbH (Ltd.) also has branches in Canada and California.

The latest innovation is called 'Sherlock Hybrid' – a synthesis of proven air separation technology and food safety optimized flap separation that sorts acceptable products, foreign material and defective products perfectly into 3 grades in just one pass.

Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®)


Insort has built up a particularly strong image in industrial potato processing. CIT® and Safeguard Rejection systems mean that Insort is setting new benchmarks for ensuring highest food safety and foreign body removal efficiency at the start and finish of the process.

Only Insort with the Sherlock Machine Series is able to provide recognition of chemical defects such as sugar ends and glassy potatoes. Combined with high‐resolution color cameras, the systems are able to identify even the smallest defects on both sides.

Steam peelers can be controlled automatically with the highest precision minimizing your peel waste and maximizing the quality and yield of your processes. Everything is fully automated and easy to use!

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