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Jones Farms Organics

Table Potatoes
Jones Farms Organic - located in the San Luis Valley, Colorado - is the producer and packer of a range of organic specialty potato varieties.

Jones Farms was established in 1925 in the San Luis Valley in Colorado, United States, with growing potatoes as a key focus. Today, the San Luis Valley is the 2nd leading producing region in the United States of fresh market potatoes.

In 2005, Jones Farms became Jones Farms Organics. Producing organic products benefits the consumer, and also has a positive effect on soil conditions, environment, and well-being.

Although converting from conventional to organic soil is difficult and time consuming, Jones Farms Organics has found it to be effective in combating the diseases and weeds once controlled by harmful chemicals.

Jones Farms Organics offers a number of specialty potato varieties, including Purple Majesta, Red Sangre, Red Desiree, Yellow Jelly and Yellow Soraya

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