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OptiServe BV

Agrico, Leo de Kock and Nedato join forces for ware potatoes.

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At OptiServe they go to extremes. Thinking along with solutions that work is second nature to them. Thanks to more than 15 years of overhauling and selling optical sorting machines, They have a lot of knowledge and inhouse experience .

Both sorting machines and of specific user requirements and of all common brands. OptiServe doens’t shy away from challenges. Innovation is at the heart of OptiServe. In the long term, they will go even further and optimize the sorting possibilities more and more, always with a view to sustainability, efficiency, and maximum return.

OptiServe focus on:
  • The further development of the best optical sorting machine for each application in the market: Xcalibur
  • Reducing waste streams in potato strips processing in the most cost-efficient way: Glide
  • Refurbishing & reintroducing optical sorting machines to today's market standards: E-Select
  • The 24/7 support of their customers in the maintenance and upgrades of their existing machinery.

Nieuws over dit bedrijf

FAM to sell Optiserve's Glide defect cutter in worldwide exclusive agreement
november 24, 2016

FAM to sell Optiserve's Glide defect cutter for potato strips in a worldwide exclusive agreement

Dutch industrial equipment manufacturer Optiserve has granted worldwide exclusivity to FAM - European market leader in industrial cutting solutions - for the sale of its Glide defect cutter.
november 12, 2012

Optiserve presents its sorting innovations at the Interpom| Primeurs 2012

In cooperation with the 'Wageningen UR – Food & Biobased Research', OptiServe BV has developed a new-generation-sorting-machine for optical sorting of French fries. Optiserve's patented way of optical sorting will be displayed at the Interpom | Prim...