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Skals Maskinfabrik was founded on March 27, 1896, as a one-man company and is among the oldest industrial companies in Denmark. From the very beginning, the company's business concept has been to produce to order. Thus, the machine was developed by the desire and needs of the customer, in cooperation with a technician/blacksmith and thus a completely customized solution.

Skals Maskinfabrik has simultaneously evolved in line with industrial development. However, always based in the agriculture- and processing industry, technological development, and this business area's needs and increasing demands for efficiency and competitiveness.

Skals Maskinfabrik A/S is today a recognized company in its industry, and one of Europe's leading suppliers of machinery and equipment for handling potatoes, carrots, onions, and other root vegetables.

Based on the advanced technical know-how and experience through previous deliveries of complete production lines in Denmark and the rest of the world. Can Skals Maskinfabrik today offer complete lines from small units to large individual automated industrial facilities? Export represents over 80% of revenue.

The wide range of Skals Maskinfabrik machines for handling potatoes, carrots, onions, and other root crops are designed according to the capacity in the following principal types of machine.

  • Grading Machines (SDE / SE / SET / Sb / SRD)
  • Roller table (RB / RBSP)
  • Brushing machines (BM)
  • Soil extractors (R / RK and Unloader (AB)
  • Silos (AVN)
  • Boxtipper (KCS / KCF / KT)
  • Weighing Machines (AMV1)
  • Box and Bag fillers (KSF)
  • Washing machines (VTH / VTX)
  • Felt Roll dryer (TF)
  • Conveyor (TG / TM)

Skals Maskinfabrik A/S sourcing Danish suppliers and the latest production technology for the production of machines and plants. Modern technology means that 'Skals'​ is competitive and can produce machines and plants of high quality and efficiency.