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Vasilev & Todorov Ltd (KOMPIR)

Vassilev and Todorov OOD and the Kompir trade mark enter the Bulgarian market in 2010 with a range of fresh cut potato products

The company’s registered office and head office is located in the town of Samokov, and the launching started with the commissioning of the production line for peeled potatoes under the patented technology for anti-oxidation treatment.

The high quality of delivered products, the accuracy and the correctness of the company allowed for the development of Kompir. Further production lines were introduced – for peeling, sorting and packing of non-peeled potatoes, a line for washing potatoes, as well as different packing machines.

Parallel to the production capacities, Kompir has developed its own logistics fleet of refrigeration, cargo and light commercial vehicles to ensure secure deliveries, meeting all the storage requirements during transportation. The company guarantees excellent storage, large stockpiles and security of supply planning, where the warehouse space for potatoes in 2018 alone have reached 6,000 sq.m.

For its relatively brief history, Kompir has managed to develop its incorporated quality management systems, reaching the highest food standard in the world – IFS FOOD. The company has been certified by the most reputed company for control of the implemented standards – SGS.

Over the years, a number of excellent work conditions have been established, both in the production facilities and in the resting and dining areas. All investments have enabled Compir to offer a wide variety of potatoes and different range of packagings sizes for every taste and purpose.

As of today, Kompir is the largest processing company of Bulgarian potatoes, in 2017 alone the company bought over 10,000 tonnes of produce from different regions. The active selection of quality producers, the long-standing relationships and support allowed the brand to offer quality Bulgarian potatoes.

Every Bulgarian manufacturer, meeting the quality requirements of the market, could become a supplier of Kompir. In addition to Bulgarian potatoes, the company has imported products from the best regions in Europe. A characteristic feature of the brand is that all the offered products, going through the production line machinery, guarantee a wide variety of quality selection, size sorting, different types of pre-packaging range, packaging and logistics, allowing flexibility and individual approach to each customer.

Kompir’s capacity in 2018 reached 120 tonnes per day. The company supplies potatoes to restaurants and grocery stores, wholesalers and retailers and large retail chains.

Kompir is among the few companies that manage to export Bulgarian potatoes to neighbouring countries. The mission of the company is to be a trusted partner for our customers and to guarantee security in quality, quantity, timely delivery and good market price, while respecting the highest quality management standards in the world.

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Vasilev & Todorov Ltd (KOMPIR)
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