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Idaho is the top contributor to the total United States potato harvest, contributing almost a third of all potatoes grown in the United States.

With [count] french fry factories Idaho is also the place where most potatoes for french fry production are grown and processed.

Sixty-two percent of all Idaho® potatoes are used to make processed products such as frozen and dehydrated; 29% are shipped fresh and 9% are grown for certified seed.
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Key areas for potato cultivation in Idaho

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US Fall Potato Production: Top Ten States. Source: USDA-NASS: Potato Stocks (December 2014)

The top potato varieties grown in Idaho (fall harvest 2016, by acreage) are:
  1. Russet Burbank (51.3%)
  2. Russet Norkota (16.7%)
  3. Ranger Russet(13.1%)
All other varieties count for less than 3% of the Idaho Fall acreage.
Agricultural Statistics Idaho
Potato Area Harvested in 2017 :310000.00acresAll seasons
Potato Production in 2017 :134850.00(000) cwtAll seasons
Potato Seed in 2017 :7529.00(000) cwtAll seasons
Potato Yield in 2017 :435.00cwt/acreAll seasons
Potato Price at Producer in 2017 :7.23USD/cwtAll seasons
Potato Area Harvested in 2016 :324000.00acresAll seasons
Potato Production in 2016 :139320.00(000) cwtAll seasons
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