Alle Bedrijven aktief in de aardappelindustrie in Idaho

BTR Manufacturing

BTR Manufacturing specializes in designing and building semi-trailers for the agriculture industry.


DiChlor is an independent laboratory that specializes in potato chemistries and analyses. Their area of expertise is potato anti-sprouting agent residue analysis.

Ellips USA Idaho

Ellips USA specializes in providing customized solutions of Elisam machines with powerful Ellips grading technology in the United States and Canada. With 3 offices in Washington, Idaho and California, they make every potato in the U.S. count.

Gem State Processing

Gem State Processing is busy around the clock, all year long, cleaning, slicing, dicing, shredding and drying potatoes. Our plant sources 18,000 acres of Idaho potatoes a year from a 150-mile radius.

Genius Gourmet Inc.

Genius Gourmet started with a singular mission in mind: Deliciously Smart Keto Snacks created for the whole family. Their passion lies in the development of cutting-edge products with low sugars, and minimal carbs

GPOD of Idaho

GPOD of Idaho has worked with local growers for over 50 years, to provide the highest-quality Russet Burbank potatoes available. GPOD of Idaho is an exporter of Table potatoes from Idaho.
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Grant 4D Farms

Grant 4-D Farms producing the highest quality potatoes for customers whether it be for processors or the fresh market. Grant 4-D Farms grows many potato varieties one of which is the Russet potato.

Idaho Crop Improvement Association

For over 78 years the members of Idaho Crop Improvement Association, Inc. (ICIA) have been serving the global agricultural community by producing quality Idaho Certified Seeds.

Idaho Steel Products Co. Inc (USA)

Idaho Steel Products Co. Inc is Kiremko location in Idaho, USA.

Idahoan Foods, LLC

Idahoan Foods, LLC is a manufacturer of dehydrated potato products in Idaho.

JDC Extraction

JDC Extraction if a facility of Jongejans Luchttechniek in Idaho, the USA

Johnsonthermal (JTS)

Johnsonthermal (JTS) is a American industrial manufacturer specializing in the areas of Power Packaging, Power Distribution, and Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration. They provide custom engineered solutions that are designed, fabricated, and produced by their team located in Idaho.
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Milestone Equipment manufactures specialized potato handling equipment and potato seed handling equipment.

Pleasant Valley Potato

Pleasant Valley Potato has been perfecting Idaho potatoes. We're committed to grow, pack, and ship the highest quality potatoes, with exceptional service.

Potato Country

Potato Country magazine is a potato Industry news magazine in united states. They cover the news of potatoes from sowing to entire production process worldwide, including market research.

Potato Grower Magazine

Since 1972, Potato Grower Magazine has delivered the most relevant, industry-specific content to the potato industry. Their content is relevant to all, whether you are a grower, a processor, an equipment manufacturer, a fertilizer salesman in potato industry.


ProPEAT Fertilizer provides the latest fertilization technology. They produce fertilizers with minimized leaching which are good for plants and for the environment.

Redox Bio-Nutrients

Redox is an industry leader in scientifically-developed plant growth solutions. The wide range of specialty agricultural fertilizers they produce are highly efficient, with unique benefits for your crops and the environments.


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