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Idaho Steel Drum Dryer

The Idaho Steel Drum Dryer is specifically developed for the production of potato flakes

The Idaho Steel Drum Dryer has been specifically developed for drying mashed potatoes into potato flakes.

The Drum Dryer has been meticulously designed and developed over years of experience specifically for drying potatoes. Drying mashed potatoes to obtain potato flakes is an often used application of the drum Dryer.

During this application the drying process is relatively simple. The drum is heated from the inside using steam; the mash is applied to the drum by means of a screw conveyor.

Any product which is too hard or the peel remains, will be collected in the bottom satellite drum and be discharged. The different satellite drums, as well as the hot drum and the carefully adjusted air extraction, will ensure an even, thin film of mash.

This will subsequently be ground in the flake mill.

Features of the Idaho Steel Drum Dryer:
  • Increased production
  • Optional automation
  • Pressure up to 175 psi
  • Increased sanitation
  • Meets ASME Code