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Reyco Systems

Reyco Systems UV Hood

UV Hood

REYCO Systems can custom design UVC Hoods using Steril-Aire shatter-resistant, plastic-sheathed UVC Emitters™ for specific applications. The UVC light kills viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, and yeast through the disruption of the DNA and RNA structure at the cellular level.

Reyco is leaders in innovative food processing technology, providing oil and moisture removal, food and waste conveying, and UVC decontamination systems to food processors worldwide.

In July 2005, REYCO Systems was purchased by Idaho Steel Products, a leader as a complete system supplier in the potato industry including potato flake and frying lines.

Idaho Steel brings a strong partnership with Kiremko, one of the most well-respected world-wide potato processing equipment manufacturer.

REYCO’s commitment to the food industry remains unparalleled and our recent partnership with the Idaho Steel and the Kiremko family of products allows selected sales team associates access to the finest products available throughout North America.
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