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1,4GROUP, Inc.

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1,4GROUP, Inc. is a leading supplier of innovative dormancy and sprout inhibiting products for the potato storage industry. In collaborative efforts with leading university researchers and private industry, They are dedicated to continued development of new and improved post-harvest chemical applications. From the harvest of your crop to your customer's dock, you'll find a complete family of complimentary treatments that protect the quality and condition of your potatoes.

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Preserving Potatoes: A Closer Look at 1,4GROUP's Post-Harvest Advancements

Subsidiaries and Factory Location

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1,4GROUP Shifts CIPC Manufacturing to the United States
april 10, 2024

1,4GROUP Shifts Manufacturing of sprout inhibitor CIPC to the United States ensuring availability in North America

In a significant move, 1,4GROUP has shifted the manufacturing of its sprout inhibitor chlorpropham (CIPC) to the United States, marking a transition away from its previous manufacturing base overseas.
Japan sets safe residue level for 1,4SIGHT® in potatoes, paving the way for optimized storage practices worldwide.
april 05, 2024

Import Tolerance for 1,4SIGHT® Secured in Japan, Boosting Global Potato Trade

In a significant stride towards facilitating global potato trade, 1,4GROUP and DormFresh has announced the attainment of Import Tolerance for the sprout inhibitor 1,4-dimethylnaphthalene (1,4-DMN) in Japan.
1,4-DMN Poised to Achieve CODEX MRL
oktober 11, 2023

Sprouting control agent 1,4-DMN Poised to Achieve CODEX MRL

Great news for potato producers: 1,4-dimethylnaphthalene (1,4- DMN), a naturally-occurring bio-control that enhances dormancy
Chemical manufacturing plant to keep potatoes from sprouting could go in Ascension
juli 24, 2021

1,4GROUP - a manufacturer of sprout inhibitor for potatoes - considers building a new plant in Louisiana

The 1,4GROUP - an Idaho based manufacturer of sprout inhibitor for potatoes - is considering building a $35 million chemical processing plant in Ascension Parish, Louisiana.