Islanders Collect Free Potatoes at 'Fill Your Boots' Event

PEI fill your boots event 2024

Islanders Collect Free Potatoes at 'Fill Your Boots' Event

maart 14, 2024

Islanders turned out to collect thousands of pounds of free potatoes at this year’s “Fill Your Boots” event. G Visser and Sons, Monaghan Farms, and Spud Isle Farms collaborated with the PEI Potato Board for the initiative, the fourth event in the past three years.

In a heartwarming display of community spirit, nearly 900 attendees seized the opportunity to fill their boots with free potatoes provided by these farms. This event served as a fun and interactive way for these farms to give back to the local community.

Participants showed their appreciation by contributing donations totalling over CAD 3200 (USD 2400) to the local food bank and countless food items for the food bank. Acknowledging the importance of sharing with those in need, guests were encouraged to take extra bags of potatoes for any community members who couldn't attend the event.

PEI Potato Board chairman John Visser:

"It is a great way to engage with surrounding communities and show them what we do; the ability to do that while providing free potatoes and collecting donations for the food bank makes the event even more impactful. We thank the farms who participated this year."

The day was not only about free potatoes but also about fostering a deeper connection between farms and the community. Attendees were treated to a variety of engaging activities, including farm tours, demonstrations of cutting-edge equipment, immersive experiences with VR headsets, and photo opportunities with the beloved PEI Potatoes mascot, Tate. As an added thrill, visitors got to see a demonstration of a potato cannon in action.

G Visser and Sons of Orwell Cove developed the idea for the first "Fill Your Boots" event in the winter of 2022 and have hosted four events on their farm since.

Adam Jay, COO at Gerrit Visser & Sons:

"We see the opportunity to be able to be generous in this way as a huge blessing, and it helps us to connect with our community while sharing some of our crop."

The event, made even more memorable by the favourable weather, underscored the significance of local farms in strengthening community ties and supporting charitable causes. 


A child is holding a boot filled with potatoes in her hand

A child is holding a boot filled with potatoes in her hand

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