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How can I suggest News for publication on PotatoPro?

If you have News or a Press Release you would like to suggest for publication on PotatoPro, just email it to:
  We typically also pick up on stories shared on twitter tagged with @PotatoPro

We have created a list of helpful tips on how to optimize your news on PotatoPro for maximum impact.

If your company is listed in the PotatoPro directories and you are a company editor you can also submit your news directly from your company dashboard.

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Any Tips to make the most out of my News publication on PotatoPro?

In order to help you prepare a great news article for publication on PotatoPro, we have prepared the following list of tips:

Length of the article

There is no maximum length for a news article on PotatoPro. However, there is a minimum length. We recommend a length of over 300 words and we do not accept articles of less than 200 words.

An article can also not only consist out of a list, there need to be paragraphs of text. This is a consequence of Google requirements.

Illustration at the top of the article

The PotatoPro format mandates that every news item MUST have an illustration at the top. These top illustrations are also used in the summaries of the article and we typically also use them in postings on social media.

The best illustrations are highly related to the topic of the news (just a potato doesn't stand out on PotatoPro...), eye-catching and colourful.

The top illustration can not be a logo or a picture with a very prominent logo, since in this case Google may not include the picture in its news listing of the article. Too much text in a picture (even photographed) may also create issues, both for Google and Facebook.

Minimum width: 600 pixels. Ideally: 1200 pixels wide or more and "landscape". "Landscape"-style pictures fit the PotatoPro layout better than "Portrait" (we will cut "Portrait" pictures down to "Landscape").

Preferably send us large, uncompressed pictures. We can easily chop them to size...

Additional illustrations

We highly recommend to provide additional illustration(s) that we can add in the bulk of the text. A good picture can replace a thousand words... It makes the article also much more appealing to the eye. Don't forget to provide a caption/description, especially if there are people in the illustration and credits - if applicable.

Minimum width: 600 pixels. Preferably send us large, uncompressed pictures. We can provide the option to click through to a larger version of the picture.


We can embed video on PotatoPro, so if you have a video related to the news item, let us know and we will include it. The video has to be on YouTube or on Vimeo. Our recommendation for video: HD-quality or better, should include sound(!), professionally edited, optimal length: 1.5-3 minutes.

Text and layout

Some of these may be our "personal" preferences but anyway, here we go:
  • provide factual, useful information. Self praise full of superlatives is unlikely to make it in without some serious pruning, if at all. Claims should preferably be offered in a quote.
  • keep sentences short and to the point.
  • use a lot of white space (that keeps it readable on mobile!).
  • write in third person or include quotes attributed to a named person.
  • minimize the number of abbreviations (ever heard of SEO? Uhm, sorry Search Engine Optimization).
  • use generally used terms.
  • we recommend to have your text reviewed by a native English speaker if English is not your first language. Our ability to fix poor language are limited.


Most of our articles are in English and we do also publish in Spanish. Occasionally we publish in Dutch and other languages. Expect to see more languages going forward. Let us know what would be important languages for your audience/business.

When to submit?

We like to have your news as soon as possible! Nowadays the news cycle is incredibly fast, so make sure we have it on the day the news becomes public - even if it is only a link to material you have elsewhere. The beauty of the web is that we can add additional material (e.g. video, illustrations) later.

Even better, you can send news to us BEFORE it is public. Just make sure there is a clear embargo date and time (including time zone) mentioned.

Editing by PotatoPro

We do edit almost all articles submitted, so be prepared for that. If you notice a modification you don't like, contact us and we will find a way to fix it. If you submit news before the official publishing date, you can review the item privately before public publication.

Looking forward to your stories!
  After Publication
  • Share the article with your colleagues
  • Share the published news item on social media you are active. You may even consider to suggest this to your colleagues.
  • Include the item in the "Our company in the news" section on your website if you have such a section.
  • Feel free to point out the PotatoPro article to other media (it's your show!). As long as they include a clickable link to the item on PotatoPro we have no objection if others include it in their publication.
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In what languages can I submit content?

In 2019, PotatoPro started to expand the number of languages accessible on the website. Although we had for a long time content in Spanish and the occasional other language, we now are working to make a significant amount of content available in the languages Spanish, Chinese and Dutch in addition to our standard language, English. In future, we may add additional languages if we see a demand.

The different languages are accessible by selecting the corresponding flag above the navigation bar at the right. If available, any content will be displayed in the language you have selected. If your selected language is not available, it will be displayed in English if available, or the original language - in that order.

As of now, you can submit news in any of these four languages (English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Dutch) and we will consider including the materials in PotatoPro.

Later in 2019, we also plan to introduce a service to have (some of your) content translated in one or more of these languages.

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