Early maincrop yellow flesh processing variety with good resistances to potato cyst nematodes.


  • Processing | General purpose
  • Large tubers
  • Multiple resistances
  • Good storability

Plant and tuber

  • Maturity: Early maincrop
  • Tuber shape: Oval long
  • Flesh Colour: Light yellow
  • Tuber size: Large
  • Skin colour: Yellow
  • Flower colour: White
Lugano originated from a cross between two parent lines, both of which were selected to achieve resistance to potato fatigue. Lugano scores a 9, the highest possible score, for both pathotypes Pa2 and Pa3 (DE) known in the Netherlands.

The variety is also resistant to Globodera rostochiensis pathotype Ro1 and Ro3. The cherry on the cake is the variety's additional resistance to potato wart disease physio 1 and 6.

This puts Lugano on the O and D list of the NVWA (Netherlands Food & Consumer Product Safety Authority), which means that the variety can be grown on all soil types throughout the Netherlands. Lugano is mainly used in the fries industry and in the Fish and Chips market in the UK.

Of all the proposed names submitted by various people, Mr. Vos (a passionate breeder and a true Agrico man) thought Lugano sounded the most international. Lugano is also a town in the south of Switzerland with a lake of the same name. Although potatoes are hardly found there, the residents eat enormous quantities of fries.

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