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Potato Memphis is a new promising crop variety. It is characterized by good yield and drought resistance, which greatly simplifies care.
This tasty Russet Skin variety with medium maturity is the first russet-skinned variety from HZPC.
The Santana potato has a light-yellow skin colour and crème colour of flesh. It a medium early ripening variety with High Yield. It has Big long oval tubers and It is extremely competent for processing due to the colour structure it takes when cooked.
Colomba is high-yielding, easy to grow, to store, and can be the star in several kinds of tasteful dishes. The variety is also known to be grown as a low-calory variety to meet consumer needs.
Middle maturing export variety with a good crisping quality. It is a high-yielding variety, strong against scab, heath, and drought.
Lady Rosetta
Lady Rosetta (LR) is the potato variety with red skin, round, uniform tuber with relatively shallow for crisp quality production, either fresh or from storage. This variety is majorly used in the potato chips manufacturing around the world.
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FC5 potato variety is known for its lower moisture content, making it ideal for snack production, particularly potato chips.
Lady Rosetta
Lady Rosetta is an middle maturing exporting variety with a good crisping quality. Produces very uniform and round tubers. Little sensitive to heat and drought. Is popular in Europe in the Mediterranean area and in the Middle East. Resistant against PCN AF and wart disease 1.
Frozen French fries are the most popular processed potato product throughout the world. India lacks a suitable potato variety for French fry production.
Kufri Lauvker
Kufri Lavkar is an early maturing variety (matures in 70 days in plateau and 100 days in the plains) with round white and light creamy firm flesh tubers.


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