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HZPC Holland BV

Company Description
HZPC is a Dutch supplier of seed and ware potatoes. HZPC is the largest seed potato supplier worldwide. 
Product Types
Production facilities
This list typically contains only production facilities related to the potato Industry, e.g. Potato Processing facilities


Stet Holland

Stet Holland B.V., located in Emmeloord, is specialized in the development, cultivation and export of seed potatoes.

HZPC Sadokas Oy

HZPC Sadokas is a growing and selling seed potatoes in Russia and Finland

Semillas SZ

Semillas SZ is a subsidiary of the Dutch potato company HZPC Holland BV 

Solentum Agro Insights

Solentum is an independently operating subsidiary of HZPC offering tools and services for companies in the potato chain.
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Contact Information
Edisonweg 5
8501 XG Joure
+31 513 48 98 44

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