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Variety Name: SifraRights Holder | BreederHZPC Holland BVCountry of OriginNetherlands NetherlandsYear of of introduction2008ParentageMONDIAL x ROBINTA
Sifra is a very productive round white potato variety. Wide adaptability enables producers in both Northern and Southern regions to record high marketable yields. Sifra has excellent culinary qualities and has a distinct creamy flavor making it an ideal multi-purpose kitchen staple!


Medium-late maturing. Tubers are round, smooth-shaped, and uniform in size. Bright white smooth skin, good storability. Medium deep eyes and white flesh. The number of tubers per plant can be rather high.


The plants will develop high, robust good ground covering foliage with erect, tall stems. Rather late maturing. Low Nitrogen Requirement. Heavy Nitrogen fertilization will cause excessive foliage, will lengthen the maturity of plants and makes top kill difficult. It can also influence tuber quality and skin set.


Resistant to Golden Nematodes and immune to Wart disease. Slightly susceptible for Late Blight and common scab.


  • Very attractive bright skin
  • High yield
  • Broad adaptation
  • Low nitrogen requirement
  • Early tuberisation

Plant and tuber
  • Maturity: Late
  • Tuber shape: Round oval
  • Flesh Colour: Cream
  • Tuber size: Large
  • Skin colour: Light Yellow
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