Variety Name: MonalisaRights Holder | Breeder: F.G. VAN DER ZEE & ZONENCountry of Origin: Netherlands NetherlandsYear of of introduction: 1982
Monalisa is giving very regular tubers of excellent presentation.

Descriptive characters
  • Tuber: Oval, very regular, very shallow eyes, yellow skin, yellow flesh.
  • Sprout: Red purplish, conical, medium hairiness.
  • Plant: Rather tall, upright habit, branching type.
  • Stem: Internodes fairly pigmented, nodes very slightly pigmented, with straight and wavy wings.
  • Leaf: Clear green, moderately divided, half-opened; medium-sized leaflet, round oval (I = 1.51); blistered lamina.
  • Flowering: Abundant.
  • Flower: White, partially pigmented flower bud.
  • Fruit: Very rare.

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